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Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit
Product Detailed
1.Certification ISO14001 2.Origin to Zhouzhi,Shaanxi 3.Organic food. 4.Best service & Best price

Nutrition value, functions and effects

Kiwi kiwi fruit juice of fat meat, delicious flavor, sweet and sour delightful, good storage. The timely harvest fresh fruit, under normal temperature can be put in a month are not bad; At low temperature even five or six more months fresh. In addition to fresh outside, still can be processed into juice, jam, ratafia, sugar water cans, GuoGan, preserved and so on, these products or yellow, or brown, or orange, colour and lustre is attractive, delicious flavor and nutrition value as fresh fruit, and therefore become a sailing, aviation, plateau and high temperature working staff of the health food. Yangtao juice more become a national player preferred health drink, and old people, children, brings the tonic fruit.

Nutritional analysis

1. Often eat barbecue food can make of cancer incidence rates rise, because barbecue food eaten in the body for after nitration, produce carcinogens. And rich in vitamin C of kiwi fruit as an antioxidant, can effectively restrain the nitration reaction, prevent cancer;

2. The latest medical research shows that adult depression have physiological basis, it with a brain lack of neurotransmitter. Kiwi fruit contains serum promote element has the stable mood, calm mood role, in addition, it contains natural inositol, helps brain activity, and therefore, can help people out of the depression mood lows;

3. Kiwi having a good dietary fiber, it not only can reduce cholesterol, promote heart health, and can help digestion, prevent constipation, fast remove and prevent the accumulation of harmful metabolites in the body.

Efficacy and functions:

Kiwi efficacy and role? What are those? Nutritionists introduce kiwi is a kind of nutritional value rich fruit, with a multiple effect and the function, are known as the king of the fruit. Macaques head contains leucine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, tyrosine, alanine and many kinds of amino acid, and rich minerals, including the rich calcium, phosphorus, iron, still contain carotene and various vitamins, to keep the human health has the vital role.

Can be used as a kind of drink treatment from scurvy. Kiwi fruit drink may be one a day within one month is good to improve color of skin and texture. It contains vitamin C helps to reduce the cholesterol in the blood level, have the dilation of blood vessels and lower blood pressure role. It also strengthen the heart muscle. Regular drink a teaspoon kiwi powder and right amount made of warm water to drink, can help to stabilize the blood cholesterol level.

Kiwi has the potential of diabetes. It contains chromium, have in the treatment of diabetes medicinal value. It stimulates isolated group of cells secrete insulin, therefore, can reduce the blood sugar diabetes patients. The powder and balsam pear powder together, can adjust blood sugar level. Often eat sweet, sour, hot and greasy food can give the body cause acidic. In addition, the late night eat, drink coffee or tea can trigger acidity conditions. No matter what the body appear with acid of problems, such as heartburn, or stomach acid flow back, can put the kiwi as a kind of very good antacids. It still can treat diarrhea and diarrhea. A cup of kiwi fruit juice or powder can reduce stomach upset.

If the thinning hair without burnish, can use the kiwi fruit juice to wash my hair for a week. The dry kiwi bathed in a quart of the water, and then and ordinary tap water mixed use. It not only increase hair vitality, also can solve a lot of hair problems.

Because its contain rich nutrients, and therefore can improve total protein level. After a meal drink a cup of kiwi powder made of drink, can solve the weak stomach problems. Kiwi can effective treatments for respiratory problems and can also improve your eyesight. It could be used in conjunction with honey effective vision. In addition, it is still a powerful antioxidant, can remove wrinkles and fine lines. But if the skin has damage or allergies, using in the kiwi should first consult a doctor before.

Kiwi effect also includes improve immune function, the treatment of liver disease, indigestion, anemia, a urinary problems, respiratory disease, brain diseases, etc. It has also increased production of red blood cells, strengthen tooth and nail. Should remember is that a healthy, balanced diet, daily intake of large amounts of water, plus use kiwi can heal a lot of health problems.

Kiwi fruit

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